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F1 Miami Grand Prix weekend will include Isringhausen Motorsports

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This weekend the epicenter of global motorsport will be Southern Florida, the site of Formula One’s 2022 Miami Grand Prix, and Isringhausen Motorsports will be part of the action! The world’s top F1 drivers – including Monaco’s Charles Leclerc, Netherland’s Max Verstappen, and Great Britain’s Lewis Hamilton – will be competing in the inaugural Miami Grand Prix (Sun, May 8, 2:30 PM on ESPN), the fifth leg of the 2022 F1 World Championship.

Isringhausen Motorsports will be competing on the same track as the Grand Prix but in a different racing series, the 2022 Porsche Sprint Challenge North America. After three races, driver Geoff Isringhausen is tied for eighth place in the GT3 Cup 991 class. Geoff had a particularly strong showing last month at Missouri’s Ozarks International Raceway, where he won the Yokohama Apex award for passing the most cars during the race. That was quite a feat, considering Geoff was competing against the likes of retired NASCAR legend Mark Martin.

It’s hard to overstate how big the first Miami Grand Prix will be. Approximately 85,000 spectators from around the world will flock to the newly constructed Miami International Autodrome, a 3.4-mile road course with 19 corners and anticipated speeds of 200+ mph. The track is so close to the ocean that spectator boats and yachts will be visible, making for a striking backdrop.

The Isringhausen Motorsports team will rub elbows with the superstars of global motorsports and share the same pit areas as the famous Ferrari, McClaren and Red Bull Racing teams. They’ll also share the same track, albeit at different times, during four days of practice, qualifying and racing.

Follow Isringhausen’s social media for photos and updates throughout race weekend, and be sure to watch the Grand Prix live on Sunday afternoon!

By Gary Mollohan

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