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Welcome to Isringhausen Imports! Whether you're a seasoned racer or a newcomer to the exhilarating world of motorsports, selecting the right Porsche race car can be both thrilling and daunting. Fear not, as we're here to guide you through the diverse range of Porsche race cars available, from classic models to the latest offerings, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your needs and ambitions.

Meet the BMW M4 GT4 model below:

GT4 Race Car

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of motorsport excellence with the all-new BMW M4 GT4 race car, available for sale at Isringhausen Motorsports. Born from a legacy of racing dominance and precision engineering, this formidable machine represents the ultimate fusion of performance, technology, and aerodynamic design. The BMW M4 GT4 race car is the latest addition to BMW's esteemed motorsport lineage.

sqare bmw gt4.png

Performance in Numbers

Engine: Six-cylinder in-line with M TwinPower turbo technology, four valves per cylinder, direct injection, Valvetronic, lubricants from RAVENOL

2,993 cc

Up to 405 kW (550 hp) and 650 Nm torque (depending on regulations)
Engine management
Production-ECU, power for BoP management adjustable
7-speed automatic gearbox by ZF with motorsport software, DREXLER limited slip differential with separate temperature controlled auxiliary cooling, motorsport optimized driveshafts

first one bmw gt4.png

The BMW M4 GT4 comes from a heritage that spans decades of racing success. From the legendary M3 to the iconic M6, BMW has a storied history of motorsport excellence, and the M4 GT4 carries forward this legacy with pride. With countless victories in prestigious racing series around the world, including GT4 championships and endurance events, the M4 GT4 is engineered to dominate the competition on the track.

Racing Heritage


At the heart of the BMW M4 GT4 race car lies a meticulously engineered powertrain, optimized for maximum performance and reliability on the track. Powered by a high-performance, twin-turbocharged inline-six engine, this race car delivers exhilarating acceleration and a commanding presence on the racetrack. With its race-tuned suspension system and advanced aerodynamics, the M4 GT4 offers unparalleled handling and agility, allowing drivers to push the limits with confidence.

Precision Engineering


The BMW M4 GT4 race car is equipped with the latest in motorsport technology, ensuring a competitive edge on the track. From advanced driver assistance systems to telemetry data logging capabilities, every aspect of the car is designed to enhance performance and optimize lap times. With features like adjustable traction control and ABS settings, drivers can fine-tune the car's behavior to suit their driving style and track conditions, ensuring maximum performance in any situation.

Cutting-Edge Tech


Safety is paramount in motorsport, and the BMW M4 GT4 race car is engineered to provide maximum protection for drivers on the track. From the integrated roll cage to the racing harness and fire suppression system, every aspect of the car is designed to withstand the rigors of competitive racing while keeping the driver safe in the event of an incident. With its durable construction and race-proven reliability, the M4 GT4 offers peace of mind and confidence on the racetrack.

Safety & Durability


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