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GT4 Clubsport Trackday

GT4 Clubsport Trackday

SKU: 299599

We are very pleased to be able to offer this fantastic condition GT4 Clubsport Trackday model. With only 1300 kilometers (810 miles) from new and never raced, this car is a rare find. Owned by two brothers since new, the car has not been damaged in any way. Everything in excellent condition. We inspected carefully and changed the engine oil.


The Trackday is the ideal car for the track enthusiast who wants to enjoy days with his buddies. The standard Porsche Motorsports-calibrated fixed shocks are very effective and simplify the vehicle setup. The boosted brake system makes if much easier for the amateur driver to achieve optimal braking. These are great race/track cars that are reliable, fast, safe and fun. The air conditioning system keeps driver cool while not robbing power during hard acceleration. Spares include one set of wheels and a new set of brake pads. Comes with factory supplied running equipment – airjack wand, airjack safety stands, data cable, fuel pumpout, etc. We accept Porsche Race Cars and any street car on trade. Please contact a Porsche Race specialist by calling 800-332-6142.



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