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Isringhausen Celebrates 70 Years of Porsche

The second weekend in June, Porsche enthusiasts everywhere participated in the first ever Sportscar Together Day, a special three-day-long celebration of the brand's 70th anniversary. Dealerships and experience centers scattered across the globe hosted their own car shows for fans and owners to come together to discuss all things Porsche.

Joining the celebration was Isringhausen Imports. On Saturday, dozens of local Porsche aficionados gathered at the dealership to enjoy complimentary food and drinks in the company of other sports car lovers. A selection of classic and contemporary Porsche vehicles was on display, including a 1997 911 Turbo S, a 2008 911 GT3 RS, and an Isringhausen Motorsports Porsche Cayman race car. A line of Porsche vehicles owned by attendees was also seen outside the dealership.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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