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2021 Mercedes AMG GT4 Racecar

2021 Mercedes AMG GT4 Racecar

We are extremely happy to be able to offer this un-driven, original Mercedes-AMG GT4. This vehicle is specifically designed for GT4 racing and is equipped with a range of features that make it capable of competing at the highest level.


Under the hood, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 biTurbo engine that produces up to 536 HP. The car also features a six-speed sequential transmission and a differential that is electronically controlled for maximum performance. The suspension system is fully adjustable, allowing drivers to fine-tune the car's handling to suit their driving style and the conditions of the track.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4's cockpit houses a central DDU (Digital Display Unit) that offers a clear and transparent overview of all relevant information and operational status levels, positioned within the driver's field of view. The car features a roll cage, bucket seat with six-point harness, a Mercedes-AMG Installed Passenger Seat & 2 extra sets of wheels ($15,000), and a fire extinguisher system to keep the driver safe in the event of an accident. It also comes with a haul of extras including AMG Graphics Kit, Paint Protection Film, Windshield Tear-Offs & Running Accessories.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is a popular choice among professional racing teams and drivers and has a proven track record of success in GT4 racing.  We accept Mercedes, AMG & Porsche Race Cars or any street-car on trade. Please contact a Porsche Race specialist by calling 877-362-9715.


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