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2016 GT4 Clubsport

2016 GT4 Clubsport

SKU: 199845

We are very excited to be able to offer this exceptional 2016 GT4 Clubsport.  The car is a time capsule in amazing original condition.  It is a one-owner car out of Switzerland.  It was never raced and used for gentle track days only by an older gentleman.  He didn’t believe in hitting any curbs and the underside proves it.  The underside is just as clean and new looking as the original-paint top side.  The minor marks in the pictures of under side are just track rubber.  This car will be ideal for somebody looking for a fun, fast and safe track day car.  Uniquely built for the Swiss market without an FIA Certified fuel cell.  The car was built with the street GT4 gas tank. This is not a modification but as the car was delivered new.  It is fueled like a streetcar through the gas cap in front right fender.  The next owner never has to worry about fuel cell degradation and recertification or replacement.  Other equipment includes air conditioning, original equipment Recaro P1300 driver’s seat and an aftermarket Recaro passenger seat.  The car will be delivered to the next owner with fresh engine and gearbox oil, brake fluid and current harness belts.  Two spare sets of wheels included with scrub tires and one set of unused Michelin slicks.


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