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2015 Porsche 918 Spyder "Weissach" Liquid Metal Chrome Blue

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder "Weissach" Liquid Metal Chrome Blue

Isringhausen imports prides ourselves on finding the very best examples of collector grade Porsche's in the market. This 918 Spyder “Weissach” is simply put, THE BEST. When Porsche announced the 918 Spyder it was at a staggering cost of double of it’s predecessor the Porsche Carrera GT. This 918 Spyder is one of only 162 “Weissach” 918 Spyder's built for North America.


Understanding the Weissach package is a key factor. The Weissach package made 14 different weight saving changes that reduced the weight of the finished car by over 90 Lbs. With 875 HP and 944 Lb-Ft of torque the 918 leaps to 60MPH in just 2.6 seconds, beating out it’s competitors, The La Ferrari and Mclaren P1. The all wheel drive system coupled with the PDK transmission is a perfect match for the V8-Hybrid system.


The 918 had a base price of $845,000 when new, the Weissach package alone was an $84,000 upgrade! This 918 is equipped with $169,000 in total options, making it one of the highest MSRP 918’s ever built. Of the 162 Weissach 918’s sold in North America it is reported that there are less than 10 cars total optioned with the Liquid metal chrome blue paint and even less with Garnet red leather with silver piping.


When $63,000 is spent on a paint option from the factory, you know the 1st owner had very good taste. This Liquid Metal Chrome Blue 2015 Porsche 918 is the ultimate spec of any 918 we have ever had. The 918 was offered in 4 standard paints, 6 metallic paints and 2 variants of the liquid metal paint with the Liquid Metal Blue being the most rare.


Fitted with the “Weissach” package, Garnet Red leather with silver accent piping and 1,891 miles added by the original owner. Sold new at The Collection in Coral Gables Florida to the original owner who added 1,891 miles over 2 years. The second owner never drove the car and stored it carfully in their collection over the past 6 years.


The 918 has proven its value since inception and increased year over year in value. Fresh into stock at Isringhausen imports, completely serviced and ready for the owner who checks “every box” when they want to own the best. This is without a doubt as good as it gets for a 918 Spyder.


2015 Porsche 918 Spyder “Weissach”

Vin# WP0CA2A14FS800682

Liquid metal chrome Blue paint

Garnet Red with silver piping leather

Total options $169,000


-Weissach Package ($84,000)

-Liquid Metal Paint ($63,000)

-Front Axle lift ($10,500)

-Vehicle Key painted incl. Leather pouch ($1,400)

-seat belts with accent stripes in silver ($1,800)

-Carbon fiber floor mats with Silver piping ($1,725)

-1,891 miles


Original MSRP $1,014,00


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