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Now In-Stock at Isringhausen: A Never-Raced BMW M4 GT4

We are pleased to offer for sale this BMW M4 GT4 – a thrilling opportunity to own a high-performance racing car that has never hit the track. Delivered in September 2023, this pristine machine is untouched and ready to be unleashed. See listing.

The M4 GT4 shares some similarities with the street version. It features the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six engine as the F82-generation M4, along with the familiar seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and shifter mechanism. As it's not a sequential racing transmission, you won't have to worry about stalling when you start. The car also comes with power-adjustable mirrors, movable pedals, and air conditioning, making it comfortable to drive on the track.

The new M4 GT4 was developed to win races and titles, just like its predecessor. To this end, the latest key technologies from the production model have been combined with a range of components from its big brother, the BMW M4 GT3, the top-of-the-line racing car from BMW Motorsport.

The developers focused on four key areas: performance, reliability, cost efficiency, and maintainability. In addition, further developments in ergonomics and electronics have considerably improved the customer experience. These include the M Track Cockpit, which makes many vehicle settings and checks possible directly via the control elements, thereby minimizing the more time-consuming connection to a laptop.

Technical Highlights and Specifications of the BMW M4 GT4:


  • Engine: Six-cylinder in-line with M TwinPower turbo technology, four valves per cylinder, direct injection, Valvetronic

  • Capacity: 2,993 cc

  • Output: Up to 550 hp

Transmission: 7-speed automatic gearbox by ZF with motorsport software, DREXLER limited slip differential with separate temperature-controlled auxiliary cooling, motorsport optimized driveshafts

Further Technical Highlights:

  • Air conditioning, heated windscreen as standard

  • M Track cockpit and laptop-less functions

  • FANATEC GT4 illuminated steering wheel with various controls

  • 10-step traction control

  • Purpose-built RECARO safety-seat with ventilation, fixed position and BMW M4 GT4 branding

  • Interior and exterior made from lightweight natural fiber by Bcomp, engine hood with aero aero-designed louvres

  • GT3 lightweight roof (CFK)

  • Adjustable GT3 concept Motorsport rear wing (natural fiber)

  • Focus on ease of maintenance

  • Five-level adjustable motorsport anti-roll bar front and rear

  • Purpose-built KW two-way Motorsport shock absorbers with

  • Three different H&R spring rates

  • Front camber adjustable with shims

  • Rear toe and camber adjustable with shims

  • Double-flow brake air cooling

Call a BMW race specialist at Isringhausen Motorsports at 800-332-6142 to inquire and elevate your racing experience today! We accept Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-AMG race cars and any street car on trade.

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