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Manthey Racing CEO Reveals Secrets of Porsche Performance Kits

Manthey Racing is legendary among Porsche aficionados. In addition to their rich racing history, Manthey (pronounced "mon-tie") is known for creating high-performance kits for Porsche's fastest street cars. As you may know, Isringhausen Imports is now a Manthey Certified Porsche Center, allowing us to sell and install the company's Porsche-approved kits for track or road use.

Porsche Club of America recently conducted an excellent interview with Nicki Raeder, the company's co-CEO, to learn more about their performance kits and how they help Porsche owners get absolute peak performance from their vehicles.

The video also highlights the 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25, a limited-edition racing car created to mark Manthey's 25th anniversary.

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