2016 Cayman X51 GT4 Clubsport


This GT4 was ordered new by us and is still on the original MSO. We ordered it with the sole intention of building into a no-expense-spared race car. It has been raced and developed by Isringhausen Motorsports, BILT Racing and Goldcrest Motorsports. After putting on 600 street miles the car was taken to BILT Racing for a full race build. The GT4 Clubsport was then available and every attempt was made to model the factory developed elements. The cage was custom fabricated while sitting next to a Factory Clubsport and looks identical. The entire Clubsport brake system was installed which required Porsche Motorsports uprights. Other high end modifications include custom exhaust with full Heat Shield wrap, pinned steering wheel release without connecting wires, custom CF high gloss door panels and front fenders with topside venting, large front splitter and 63" rear wing, KW 3-way shocks, TPC Sway bars, AIM C125 Data system. In 2019 the car was taken to Goldcrest Motorsports where an X51 911 engine was installed and the transmission was regeared with lower 3rd-5th gears. A new clutch was installed at that time. A custom tune was developed with track day testing and fine adjustment. This car has only been tracked by Geoff Isringhausen and has never had any damage of any sort or been off track. We accept any street car and will consider Porsche race cars on trade. Please call or text Geoff Isringhausen at 217-725-8000 or email: geoff@isringhausen.com.

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