Redline: Customer Track Event


First off, Happy Fourth everyone! We hope you all have a safe and exciting holiday. How 'bout a little Freedom Hogan?

Where do we even begin? What an incredible event and turnout for our Isringhausen Motorsports Redline: Customer Track Event. We are thrilled with the results and it sounds like everyone had an amazing time!

We have a video coming VERY soon to share with you all recapping the event. For the time being, here is a quick trailer to help hold you over. =]

This is a short preview of our 2015 Isringhausen Motorsports Redline Customer Track Event.

Big shoutout to the fellas over at The Storyteller Studios for all their hard work making such a quality video. Also for taking one for the team during the video shoot that day! 

We had reserved the south side of the track at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL for our upwards of 40+ attendees. After an evening of sharing a meal together and swapping more car stories than we can count, everyone went to rest up for the next morning. It was going to be a bright and early start on the track the following day.


The day went off without a hitch. Only a minor hiccup here and there but everyone remained safe and had a blast. Check out the post below from one of our attendees:

It was extremely exciting to be around so many new and long time car enthusiasts getting to experience their cars at a high level. Driving your car on the street is fun but putting it on the track gives you a whole new appreciation for what these vehicles are truly capable of.

There was a true passion in the air. Driver after driver kept returning from their sessions and getting out of their cars with HUGE smiles on their faces.

Did you attend our Redline Track Event this year? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought of the event.

Didn't attend this year but would like to in the future? If you're a customer and are interested in joining us for one of these events feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to connect with you and get you all the details. If you're not a customer but still interested you can reach out to us as well and we'll walk you through the process of attending one of our annual track events. 877-362-9715

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Check out the media below for a look back at the track day. Here is one of our personal favorites: