The Updated Porsche 911: 991.2

It has returned! The 911 has once again received a mid-cycle refresh. That's the industry's fancy way of saying, "It got a face-lift." Which, in the world of the 911, can mean a whole lot and very little at the same time. As is typical with Porsche the newest iteration of the 911 looks very similar to its predecessor. According to Road & Track, "Part of that is because Porsche is notoriously conservative with its cosmetic updates; the majority is because this is a 911, and 911s just don't change much. Stoic resistance to fashion is in the car's DNA. A careful look will reveal that virtually every panel and piece of trim on the car has changed; taillights, headlights, fender curves, and engine lid are all different. Among other things."

The biggest, and subsequently the most controversial, update to the 911 takes place at the engine. Porsche has introduced a new biturbo 3.0L 6-cylinder boxer engine.

The following video offers loads of detail about the design and performance updates to Porsche's latest machine.