2006 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup


Here is an amazing 2006 997 GT3 Cup car modified for top performance. The 911 Designs built and installed engine is a work of art. It consists of 104 MM Mahle pistons and cylinders and a custom made stroker crankshaft, titanium valves, RSR heads and camshafts. This is a best of the best -- no expense spared motor. The car has raced three weekends since install of motor as well as a test run by us at Autobahn Country Club. It performed flawlessly. Transmission shifts easily, clutch engages properly as does the autoblipper. Eurosport inspection showed only minor adjustments needed. See work orders and dyno run included with images which reported 467 HP at the wheels! The torque curve is also steeper than a standard engine that delivers awesome pull from low RPM. This car would race in GT1 in PCA and could be a contender for the overall win. All at a much lower costs than the competition. See record from 911 Design and bbi Autosport for engine install and trouble shooting. Note in pictures image of custom work on intake manifold to accommodate RSR heads. Very well done! For more information, contact Geoff Isringhausen or Geoff Isringhausen Jr at 877-364-6093.