2016 BMW M235i Racing

Isringhausen BMW, one of only eight BMW Motorsports dealers in the country, is thrilled to announce the arrival of a 2016 M235i Racing. Considered a cost-effective entry-level racing car, the M235i Racing is propelled by the most powerful engine developed so far for a BMW M Performance automobile: a six-cylinder in-line engine with M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology. With a capacity of 2,979ccm, the racing version is capable of generating 333hp (245kW).

Motorsport-specific driving aids such as ABS, DSC and traction control ensure that the motorsport newcomers can handle the BMW M235i Racing surely and safely. The racing car is also fitted with features such as a mechanical limited-slip differential, air jacks, an FIA-certified rollcage, in-car fire system and ATL fuel cells. On top of this come components from the BMW M Performance Parts range, such as the rear and front spoilers, diffusor and carbon wing mirrors.

Climb behind the M Performance steering wheel, and you’re sure to notice the abundance of carbon fiber, with it appearing on the door cards, dash, console and elsewhere. Additional weight was by removing the factory seats and insulation. This is offset, of course, by the added roll cage and fuel cell. Still, the M235i Racing is about 270 lbs. lighter than its production counterpart.

The bottom line: the M235i Racing is undoubtedly a racecar, intended for off-road use only.

Technical Data

Max. width: 1,862mm (without mirrors)
Wheelbase: 2,691mm
Height: 1,380mm (without antenna)
Max. track: 1,608mm
Engine: Six-cylinder in-line
Capacity: 2,979ccm
Output: 333hp (245kW)