We're Giving You The Signal!

A high performance, track-ready car hardly ever performs well on the street. Track cars are known for having suspension systems that are too stiff for the bumps on normal commuting, but go over very well on smooth track surfaces.

The M3 is a different breed that is equally capable of aggressive track driving on the weekend and smooth commuting in the week on the way to work. It's a honed multipurpose tool that can be used for anything from track days, to taking the kids to school, to getting groceries.

This 2015 M3 was a very unique build both inside and out. We chose to stray from the ordinary factory BMW color list and use a paint that the F8x generation M3/M4 crowd has not seen much of. Signal Green. This gorgeous color was adopted from Porsche and is very very similar to the Viper Green that Porsche uses on their cars today. If you're looking for a car that will catch the attention of others no matter where you go, then this is the color for you. We believe that there are roughly five total F80 M3's in the U.S. in Signal Green. Add to that the black 19” wheels to set the color off and you've got a stunning car.

To top off the color scheme we had BMW outfit the interior with Black Full Merino leather with deviating green stitching. Wow, this interior is impressive. It's that touch of fine detail that makes it so special.

Do you like the color? Would you drive one? What color combo would you do? Let us know in the comments at the bottom.

Big thanks to Blake and Cody for the helping with the photoshoot!

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