2015 BMW M4 With Silverstone

We just got this 2015 (F82) BMW M4 in and it's gorgeous! The Mineral White Metallic over Silverstone is a stunning color combination. The all-new BMW M4 Coupe sets the standard for performance-minded coupes and has something for every driver. Want power? The BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine offers 425-hp and 406 lb-ft of torque to enjoy. Want performance? The strategically placed lightweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic makes the M4 lighter, and more agile. Want head-turning M style? A low road stance and aggressive lines are clear signs that you've got exactly that. New M, legendary M heritage.

Car & Driver did their own testing of the all-new M4 (w/manual trans) and had this to say:

Unlike the previous E92 M3’s high-revving V-8, the new S55 engine swells with torque and offers improved drivability. It may sound like an industrial air compressor at cold startup, but its full 406 lb-ft of twist hits at just 1850 rpm, with 425 horsepower peaking at 7300 versus the old V-8’s screaming 8300. Once warmed up, the aural signature goes sinister.
The dual-plate clutch takes some care to modulate, as does the throttle when the turbos’ surge of torque overwhelms the rear tires with the traction control deactivated.

Have you had any experience with the new M3 or M4? Tell us what you guys think in the comments!