2013 BMW 3-Series 328i DINAN

Over $15,000 in carefully selected upgrades is what helps this one of a kind 328 provide its undeniable performance. The DINAN Stage 3 Upgrade, providing 325 horsepower and 335 lb/ft torque, was combined with BMW’s M-Performance Exhaust, M-Performance Brake System (M3/4 System) using fixed four-piston front, two-piston rear calipers with 14.5 inch front and 13.6 inch rear rotors and a Wavetrac torque sensing differential.  This combination takes the performance of the 328i to an entirely new level. Complimented with a 6-speed manual transmission and new Continental DW tires, this F30 is the total package and then some.

The customization work was inspired by BMW’s iconic E46 M3, loved for its power-to-weight ratio, chassis balance, braking, steering and overall fun quotient.  Considering the last of these cars is now at least 10 years old, it seems they now fall into two categories: pristine, low-mileage cars that are priced using a combination of market value and emotion and the others, used hard, “put away wet,” and generally beyond practical restoration.

Using the much-loved E46 M3 as a template, we put together an alternative that satisfies the driver and adds a more modern level of comfort, safety and warranty. Click here for full specifications and pricing information.


The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner is a highly engineered and sophisticated piece of computer hardware and software that enhances engine performance, without negating or voiding your new car warranty coverage and without affecting long term reliability or the functionality of on-board diagnostic systems. It is also the only tuning device emissions legal in all 50 states. The ultimate objective of developing this piece of technology was to provide the ability to control every signal entering and exiting the BMW factory Engine Control Unit. These items are unique to Dinan and together they embody the apex of performance engineering in a powerful, reliable, and warrantied package.

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