The Little Red Devil

The BMW 3 Series Sedan has been an outstanding car ever since BMW first released it back in 1975. How else could it have made Car & Driver's 10Best 23 times in a row! (And likely more if they hadn't dropped the 3 Series in 2015. The M235i made the list though.)

Not only is the 3 series aesthetically pleasing both inside and out, but it also performs like the sport sedan it was designed to be. According to BMW, the 2014 328i xDrive sedan produces 240 hp and 260 lb/ft of torque.

With the help of Dinan performance parts, specifically the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 1 and the Dinan free-flow stainless exhaust (see demo of this exhaust below; we recommend headphones for the best experience) we were able to bump up the power to 315 hp and 330 lb/ft of torque just surpassing the stock figures for the 335i.

A short demo video of the Isringhausen 2015 BMW Dinan 328i xDrive with Dinan exhaust. Cold start up with a few revs to give you a small taste. =] Enjoy!

This car is an absolute joy to drive. The increase in power is completely safe through Dinan's tuning software (also respecting BMW's warranty!). The drivability is also just as good, if not better, than from the factory.

Dinan engineered a great sounding exhaust for this nimble 4-cylinder engine giving it the needed audible tone BMW should have sought for a factory exhaust option. It is made from 100% 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. The design features twin 70mm ceramic black laser engraved exhaust tips for a tasteful, high-performance look.

What do you guys think? Does this Dinan 328i scratch that itch for “just a little more” power in a daily-driver? Or would you build it with more? Tell us in the comments at the bottom.

Big thanks to Blake and Cody for the helping with the photoshoot!

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