Is This The M2 To Be...Or Better?

BMW built the M235 to fulfill our speed and performance needs while they continued to develop the M2. From the factory it offers copious amount of athletic driving from a small, easy to drive platform.

The numbers from the factory are impressive at 320 HP and 330 lb/ft or torque, more than enough to commute across town and still have an enjoyable and quick agile car to drive.

Upon arriving in The States we had port-installed options such as the M Performance front splitter, limited slip rear differential and carbon fiber rear spoiler installed.

Being the track addicts that we are, we wanted more power. More speed. More everything. So we thought, “Why wait for the M2 when we can build our own?” We are happy to say we have done just that. Thanks to the help of the engineering and testing from our friends at Dinan, we have created our very own Dinan Stage 2 M235.

It started out as a Stage 1 vehicle. It was a blast to drive, sounded great and looked even better, but of course we couldn't help but think, “What if there was more?”

Recently Dinan released the Stage 2 software and intake system for the M235 and we anxiously awaited our new parts to arrive. The Stage 2 kit consists of a Dinan free flow stainless exhaust (watch the demo video of this GREAT exhaust tone below), Stage 2 DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner and a Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake. With these parts working in harmony the total output was bumped up to 382 HP and 455 lb/ft of torque! Yes, you read that right.

If you’re up-to-date on your current M2 rumors you might have realized that our M235 could very-well be packing more power than the upcoming 2016 BMW M2. Not that we’re bragging or anything. ;)

A short demo video of the Isringhausen 2015 BMW Dinan M235i with Dinan exhaust. Cold start up with a few revs to give you a small taste. =]

Handling is also an essential part of performance and this one handles like a dream.

We again went with Dinan to take the handling to the next level with their Dinan Lower Control Arm Monoball Kit, performance spring set and the supplemental ride quality and handling kit. With these kits working together the car was lowered a half-inch up front and a full inch in the back to give an even more aggressive look.

Can we leave it alone now? Only time will tell we suppose. =]

Big thanks to Blake and Cody for the helping with the photoshoot!

Are you interested in this vehicle or one similar? Let us know what you're looking for below and we'll be happy to assist you. Looking for something a little more subtle? Check out our Dinan 328i xDrive.

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