Isringhausen At NJMP: Continued Success!

The Intercontinental Trophy Cup (ITC) Cayman Race Series has now completed it’s third of seven rounds this season. Round three was at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ. The Isringhausen Motorsports team was represented by Tanner Whitten in the Isringhausen 32 car normally being driven by Lukas Johnson. Lukas being a responsible college student sat this event out as it coincided with his final exams. Tanner carried on the winning tradition of car 32 sweeping the weekend and bringing home a first place trophy plus the prize money in P2 that is a part of the ITC program. Geoff Isringhausen Jr. ran the weekend in car 58. He drove well and battled hard with Geoff Sr. in both races but did not prevail and ended up in third overall for the weekend.

Geoff Sr. added, “We had to qualify in the rain on Sunday where Geoff Jr. did very well. He (Jr.) was hoping the race would be run in the rain as he has a lot of experience sliding around on wet surfaces. Racing in the rain did not make him as nervous as the rest of the group.”
Geoff Sr. won the P1 class for the weekend by finishing 3rd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday. Geoff Sr. has won all three rounds this year and is in a good position to win the P1 championship.

The next race is scheduled for June 22-23 at the New Orleans Motorsports Park in Avondale, Louisana. This is a new track to all the ITC competitors. We are all looking forward to another great event at this newly built facility. Check out the video below for a summary of the weekend at NJMP.

Isringhausen Motorsports: Bringin’ Out The Broom!

The Isringhausen Motorsports team is contesting the Intercontinental Trophy Cup Porsche Cayman racing series again this year. With two races down, the Isringhausen team is looking good. Sebring was the venue for the second race of the season. The Isringhausen Motorsports team swept all race classes. Team members and finishing positions were:

Lukas Johnson. P2 class – 1st place in Saturday and Sunday races for first in class.
Geoff Sr. P1 class – 1st place in Saturday and Sunday races for first in class.
Dan Martinson GTP class – 1st place in Saturday and Sunday races in class and overall.
Robert Boothe P1 class – 4th place in Saturday and Sunday races for 4th in class.

There was also a 3 hour enduro (short for endurance as it is a long race) race on Saturday night. Isringhausen Motorsports won two out of three classes in this race. Dan Martinson teamed up with John Tecce in GTP for the win. Lukas Johnson invited Stephen Simpson to co-drive with him and they combined for the win as well. A promising new member to our team joined us in Sebring, Tanner Whitten. Tanner practiced in our newest car, a 2012 Cayman R PDK, and laid down some very fast laps. Tanner also partnered with Geoff Sr. in the enduro and handed the car off to Geoff in 1st place after more than an hour of intense racing. This is where things took a bad turn for our team. Geoff got in the car and after the refueling, took off down pit road and around the track entry curve. As he approached turn 3, the first braking turn, he discovered the brakes had overheated while in the pits and had boiled the fluid in the lines resulting in complete failure. Geoff pumped the brake pedal frantically but to no avail. The car was not slowing and he slammed into the tire wall ending the race for Geoff and Tanner. Here is a short clip of the accident:

Overall, we had a great weekend. The damage was not too serious and we plan to have car 58 ready for our next race at New Jersey Motorsports Park. We owe our success to the hard work of our regular crew members, Jimmy Cardoni and Tom Bennett. For the first two races this year we have also had the help of Chris Smith Racing with car prep, set-up and track support. Chris’ many years of race team management have been very valuable. Here is a video with highlights from Sebring:

As always, thanks to Ken Hills Photography for the excellent shots!

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Road Atlanta PCA Event

Our previous post was from an ITC event at Road Atlanta. We also wanted to share a PCA event that we participated in at Road Atlanta this month. Check out this sample of clips from that event on March 13th. There is a great shot of a spin out in front of us at around the 5 minute marker. Let us know what you think!

Road Atlanta: Highs & Lows

Hello again everyone!

Of course our title is referring to the incredibly fun track at Road Atlanta with its remarkable changes in elevation all over the 2.5 mile stretch of tarmac! The first race of the ITC season is under our belt and we have to say, “We’re thrilled with the results!” Both days in Braselton, GA had great competition –barring an incident on Sunday’s race involving Dan Martinson– and some of the best racing we’ve seen at an ITC event. P1 started as another man’s show, but after an issue late in the race Sunday, I was able to take over and win Sunday’s and the weekend’s races. After I inherited the lead from Dan Martinson’s spin at the first turn, we had a dominant lead.

I learned a lot from that weekend but the main thing was to be consistent. Keep steady and stay in the race. You never know what might end up happening. Our Isringhausen Motorsports team rounded out the podium with Martinson finishing 2nd, and Geoffrey Isringhausen Jr. finishing in 3rd. We’re definitely ready to continue the season and get into some enduro races! Check out the video below for a sample of the start of the weekend event at Road Atlanta.

Geoff Isringhausen

On The Road Again!

It’s race season once again! Round 1 of the Intercontinental Trophy Cup (ITC) Series is this weekend, March 8-10 at Road Atlanta in Georgia. We couldn’t wait to get back in the driver’s seat after last season’s victory and we are hoping for another great year! It should be quite an experience especially now that we have our new PDK-equipped Cayman. We’re anxious to get out there and push this car, and our other Cayman’s, to the limits they are truly capable of.

As the season gets underway, we couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and wanted to share a video with our fans from last year. The Isringhausen Motorsports team was fortunate enough to spend a full day at the track with many of our Porsche clients and their amazing cars. We hope you enjoy the video from Autobahn in Joliet, IL and maybe we’ll see you at the track! Thanks!

Continued Isringhausen Cayman Clean-Up

Isringhausen Imports & Dan Clarke continued their dominant Cayman performances with another successful weekend at the Porsche Club America (PCA) Sebring “48hours” event on February 2nd in Florida.

Running used Pirelli slicks for the first time on the 2012 Isringhausen Motorsports Porsche Cayman S, Dan Clarke led all sessions, including Qualifying, to set an unbeatable standard throughout the whole weekend. Closest competition included the IMSA GT3 series racer Marco Cirone and his race prepped 997 Porsche 911.

It wasn’t all plain sailing however. Race 1 proved to have it’s difficulties as the Brit got caught up with a group of 3 slow moving back markers on the final lap, ultimately giving Cirone a chance to nip by and take the win, after a very close fought battle never stretching out further than 5 car lengths from start to finish.

“I’d been lying if I said I wasn’t super frustrated at the time and losing the win. But realistically, this is PCA Club Racing, it says that on the tin, and the rules and format here contribute to that. So in a backmarker situation, with drivers of varying experience, sometimes you are going to run into trouble and not always come out on top. Thankfully it’s all just good fun out there, with a lot of super nice guys, and Marco put on a great race and challenge in Race 1 in his 997. The Isringhausen team enjoys a great presence here at these events, we’ve been dominant all weekend in our Cayman, and it’s a nice community here of Porsche enthusiasts and racers.”

Race 2 went more to plan with Clarke setting off on lap1 in the lead with no intentions of looking back. A small ripple with a yellow flag safety period during the middle, but a dominant restart followed, and it was a lights to flag win for the Briton with Cirone coming in in 2nd place.

“This is a great way to kick off the season. I’ve been pumped about coming to this event for weeks. It’s hugely satisfying for myself and the Isringhausen team to turn up with Porsche Cayman and race hard with guys in all types of Porsches. This car really does handle like a dream! I’m currently living in the mountains of Colorado for the winter so the thought of coming down here to this gorgeous weather and friendly Porsche atmosphere, has had me walking around with a smile.”

Dan is still unconfirmed for races for the remainder of the 2013 season but is looking for opportunities to compete in the American Le Mans and Grand-Am series.

ITC Season Ends On A High Note

Isringhausen Motorsports

2012 turned out to be a great racing season for Isringhausen Motorsports in the Intercontinental Trophy Cup (ITC) Porsche Cayman racing series. Isringhausen finished the season with wins at the Road America races in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, taking the drivers championship for the premiere P1 class and the overall team championship. Everyone was pleased how the season concluded.

A competitor was in the lead for the team championship coming into the final race weekend at Road America, but Isringhausen took the coveted team championship by winning both the P1 and P2 classes. Isringhausen driver, “Speedy” Dan Clarke had secured the P1 drivers’ championship at the previous round at Mid-Ohio. However, his participation in the final round was critical for team points. His first place finish in both races in the P1 class narrowed the competitor’s lead, then, in the first race of his career, rookie driver Geoffrey Isringhausen, Jr. had to keep season P2 champion Scott Leder from winning either of the two races of the weekend. It was Geoffrey’s first race of his career, but by no means his first laps at Road America. His practice days at this facility gave him an advantage over Scott, who had very limited time here prior.

Isringhausen Motorsports is very proud of the results of the last races of the season and will move the ITC trophy to their Springfield, Illinois facility. Driver Dan Clarke is from Indianapolis, Indiana and drove the Isringhausen GT 09 Cayman S car and achieved 180 points coming in 1st position. Geoff Isringhausen, Jr. from Springfield Illinois, also drove the Isringhausen GT 09 Cayman S car and earned 77 points. Team owner Geoff Isringhausen Sr. also helped secure the points needed at Road America for the team win. Other team members include Jimmy Cardoni, Tom Bennett and other Isringhausen employees.

New Jersey Motorsports Park Event

The second race weekend of the year has now come and gone. We had a great time at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Our Intercontinental Trophy Cup(ITC) series partnered with the Porsche Club of America(PCA) and shared the weekend with the Rolex and Continental Tire Grand Am. It was fun to be at the track with the multi-million dollar operations that take part in these series. In our ITC/PCA race the Isringhausen team had three entries, Savannah Rickli, Dan Clarke, and myself. Savannah is an 18 year old girl with various motorsports racing experiences in her background. She did quite well and we were all very impressed with her performance. A few times I saw her in my mirrors and started to get nervous. She has a real future due to her driving talent which she developed at a very young age. On top of that, she is a very nice, polite young person who carries herself well beyond her years. Our other driver in an Isringhausen car was Dan Clarke who has been coaching me most of last year and this current year. He did remarkably well. One of the drivers who calls New Jersey Motorsports Park home, said he believed Dan may have set the all time lap record for a Cayman in his first time out. He won both of our races and stirred quite a bit of buzz in the Porsche racing community.

Geoff Isringhausen

Here is an article about Dan Clarke’s performance driving our Cayman which was written by David Hurth for “The Porsche Guys” web site:

Would the Porsche Cayman Make a Good Race Car?
All Porsche sports cars were meant to be raced. The cars while quite good at the normal daily driving, really come alive on a track, especially when race prepped. While Porsche mainly races the Porsche 911 and at times special race variants, cars such as the Porsche 914, Porsche 944, Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman (just to name a few) have shown to be very good on the track.Isringhausen Porsche Cayman Race Car

  Need proof of this? Just look at what Dan Clarke has done with a Porsche Cayman S in the Intercontinental Trophy Cup Series. Last Sunday at the New Jersey Motorsports Park he dominated the competition in the series. While I love the Porsche 911, one does wonder why Porsche doesn’t look at the possibility of a Porsche Cayman race car. Just think of a Porsche Cayman RSR with the same power as the Porsche 911! The handling would be brilliant and then it would have a lot of power (although the 330 hp in the Porsche Cayman that Dan drove is not bad). It could be such a good car that it could possibly beat the Porsche 911 on many tracks.

  While the Porsche 911 makes a great race car and a good driver can do some really amazing things with the platform, one has to wonder if the more balanced Porsche Cayman would end up being a faster car overall. You would loose a lot of traction, but should be able to take the corners a bit faster and if the power was the same it could make for an interesting race. While I don’t think Porsche will (or should) abandon the Porsche 911 race car, the addition of a Porsche Cayman race car would be interesting (it may also help increase sales as people like to drive what they see raced). I doubt it will ever happen, but then at one time Porsche did race the Porsche 924 Carrera GT at Le Mans, so anything is possible.Isringhausen Porsche Cayman Race Car

The following is more information about Dan Clarke and his has this last weekend in the Intercontinental Trophy Series.

   Former Champ Car and Indy Lights racer, Dan Clarke, had the perfect start to his sports car career at New Jersey Motorsports Park last Sunday. The Indianapolis, Indiana based Englishman totally dominated the Intercontinental Trophy Cup Series in his Isringhausen Motorsports with Chris Smith Racing Porsche Cayman. “Speedy” Dan more than lived up to his nick name by topping the time sheets in every session, qualifying the car in pole position,1.4 seconds quicker than the field, winning both 25 lap races and picking up fastest lap in each.

  Clarke was offered the chance to drive the 330 bhp Porsche Cayman S car and did not need to be asked twice. “Having spent much of last year coaching team boss Geoff Isringhausen, I was delighted when I was able to complete the deal to race the car in both events in New Jersey”, Dan explained. He went on to describe how much fun the car was to drive and how great it felt to be back on the top step of the winners podium. “I had pole positions and good results in Champ Car but nothing beats the feeling of driving into victory lane.” The Yorkshire born driver has clearly regained thirst for victory, “I would love to do more races this season for Geoff’s team, they are a terrific set of guys and do a really professional job at every event”.

  Team mate and Clarke’s student, Geoff Isringhausen was thrilled with his coach’s efforts. “Isringhausen Imports was voted one of the top 25 Porsche dealers in the USA for 2012 and I love the fact that Dan along with Chris Smith Racing is helping Isringhausen Motorsports mirror the performance and achievements of our showrooms on the race track”.

  The next round of the series for the Porsche Cayman S cars will take place on June 3rd at Watkins Glen, New York and Clarke is eager to keep this developing hot streak alive, “Geoff and I are working hard to ensure that I can maintain this momentum at the Glen next month and hopefully for the rest of the season”

The video below is from inside the car. The sound is incredible and it shows the potential of a Porsche Cayman S race car.

First event of the year at Sebring

It is past time I got back to our Motorsports Blog. Sorry for the long delay. At our last event of 2011 in early October at Road America things were going great. My personal lap times were competitive with the top guys in the series. In the final race on Sunday afternoon I was driving very aggressively, but in control and confident in all the turns and braking zones. An opportunity presented itself to make a move into second place. I pulled up alongside of Brian Kimmins on the slight uphill coming out of Canada Corner. This took me off line and when I tucked back in behind Brian right at the crest of the hill and at the slight left turn I spun out and into the tires on the outside of the track. So much for 2011.

Onto 2012. Our first event this year was The 48 Hours of Sebring put on by the Porsche Club of America (PCA) February 3-6, 2012. This was my first event with the PCA. They did a great job organizing 400 racers and advanced drivers education attendees. We again are campaigning with the Intercontinental Trophy Cup Cayman series. Our ITC group raced within the PCA races as a subgroup so to speak. We had practice on Thursday and Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday we raced – two shorter sprint races on Saturday and a longer Enduro on Sunday. The Saturday races had approximately 70 cars in each race. I have never raced in that type of congestion, especially at the start. It was crazy. I came around the blind Sebring turn 1 with cars aggressively going for it on every side. Guys trying to dart into every minute opening that might present itself at any given moment. As soon as I can see around the turn 1 wall and down the straight, I see cars spinning and bouncing off each other like bowling pins and tire smoke filling the air. They yellow flag the race for a few laps which lets us thin out. I skated through it all unscathed and on track. I finished both races mid pack.


Sunday came the longer hour and a half enduro. Michael Levitas of TPC racing introduced me to Randy Pobst. Randy is a multi-year World Challenge Champion, Daytona 24 hour winner and has over 70 professional wins in his racing history. Michael worked with PCA guys to let Randy team up with me in the enduro race. Randy started the race in my car. He spent about an hour in the car. He moved up through the pack pretty well and then handed the car over to me. I got re-passed by some of the guys Randy had gotten around. This race had the fastest cars of the whole event entered, including the new 2010-2012 GT3 Cup cars. I was apprehensive about being out with those guys. So it was great to have Randy to get things started for us. He also pointed out a number of areas where we could improve our car setup.

We had a great time and met some fantastic people while at Sebring. Here are links from Ustream to Randy’s and my stints during the enduro on Sunday. There is an advertisement you have to listen to at the beginning, but then you can watch the start and the driver switch in the second video. We have two videos because we had to switch cameras which were actually iphones. We sent the iphone video stream live to Ustream. Amazing technology. Thanks for your interest and be sure to call if we can help with any of your racing or race car needs.

Geoff Isringhausen